How to contribute

Install Node.js 8.3 or higher and Yarn. It's also recommended to install Lerna globally.

  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Create a new Gridsome project inside the ~/projects folder.
  3. Enter the new project folder and run yarn (or lerna bootstrap if installed).
  4. The project will now use the local packages when you run gridsome develop.

To use @gridsome/cli in the repo as a global command. Enter the ~/packages/cli folder and run npm link.

Yarn will add dependencies from your test projects to the root yarn.lock file. So you should not commit changes in that file unless you have added dependencies to any of the core packages. If you need to commit it, remove your projects from the ~/projects folder temporary and run yarn or lerna bootstrap in the root folder. Yarn will then clean up the lock file with only core dependencies. Commit the file and move your projects back and run yarn or lerna bootstrap again to start developing.

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