Deploy to Zeit Now

Now by Zeit is an excellent deploy & hosting service for static sites. You get global CDN, HTTP/2, custom domains etc. They also have continuous deployment from a GitHub-repo. They have a free plan with unlimited deployments.

Deploying from GitHub

Add these settings where its needed:

  • Build Command: npm run build
  • Publish directory: dist

Deploying with Terminal

Step 1

Install Now globally by typing npm install -g now in Terminal.

Step 2

Create a now.json file in the root folder of your project to configure your deployment process.

  "name": "your-gridsome-project",
  "alias": "", // or ["aliasOne", "aliasTwo"]
  "version": 2,
  "builds": [
      "src": "package.json",
      "use": "@now/static-build",
      "config": { "distDir": "dist" }

Step 3

Update package.json by adding a new script within the scripts object:

  "scripts": {
    "now-build": "npm run build"

Step 4

In Terminal, go to the root folder of your project and just type now. Within some time (about a few minutes) your project will be uploaded to Now, built right in there and deployed.

Step 5 (optional)

If an alias was not assigned automatically, assign it manually by typing now alias

That's it! 🎉

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