Getting started

Gridsome is an open source Vue.js-powered modern site generator for building JAMstack websites, apps & PWAs that are fast by default 🚀.

Why Gridsome?

  • Local development with hot-reloading - See code changes in real-time.
  • Data source plugins - Connect to any popular Headless CMSs, APIs or Markdown-files.
  • File-based page routing - Quickly create and manage routes with files.
  • Centralized data management - Pull data into a local, unified GraphQL data layer.
  • Vue.js for front-end - A lightweight and approachable front-end framework.
  • Auto-optimized code - Get code-splitting and asset optimization out-of-the-box.
  • Static files generation - Deploy securely to any CDN or static web host.


You should have basic knowledge about HTML, CSS, Vue.js and how to use the Terminal. Knowing how GraphQL works is a plus, but not required. Gridsome is a great way to learn it.

Gridsome requires Node.js (v8.3+) and recommends Yarn.

How to install

1. Install Gridsome CLI tool

  • Using YARN:yarn global add @gridsome/cli
  • Using NPM:npm install --global @gridsome/cli

2. Create a Gridsome project

  1. gridsome create my-gridsome-site to create a new project
  2. cd my-gridsome-site to open folder
  3. gridsome develop to start local dev server at http://localhost:8080
  4. Happy coding 🎉🙌

3. Next steps

  1. Create .vue components in the /pages directory to create page routes.
  2. Use gridsome build to generate static files in a /dist folder

Learn more


  • VuePress. Another static site generator for Vue.js. It uses local markdown files for content and is perfect for documentation sites. It is possible to build anything in VuePress and Markdown (Like a blog f.ex).

  • Nuxt. A Universal Vue.js Framework for server-side rendered (SSR) apps and websites. It also has a static site generator feature, but the main focus is SSR.

  • Gatsby.js Gridsome is highly inspired by Gatsby.js (React.js based), which collects data sources and generates a static site from it. Gridsome is an alternative for Gatsby.js.

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