Use CSS in Gridsome

Global stylesheets and assets are usually located in the src/assets folder and imported into src/main.js.

Import a global style

Add this to src/main.js to import a global CSS file.

import '~/assets/styles.css'

It's recommended to keep the global styles at minimal and add styles in Vue components instead to get proper code-splitting and Critical CSS support.

Use SASS & CSS pre-processors

To enable SASS you need to run command npm install -D sass-loader node-sass to install the required packages.

Now you can import .scss files in src/main.js:

import '~/assets/styles.scss'

You can also use SASS in Vue Components with the lang="scss" attribute:

<style lang="scss">
.element {
		color: Yay;

Learn more about using Using Pre-Processors in Vue.js

Add CSS to Vue Components

In Vue Components you add styles inside a <style> tag.

// Example.vue
	<div class="banner">

	.banner {
		background-color: red;

Scoped styles in Components

Its very easy to add scoped styles in vue. Simple add "scoped" to the style tag to automatically add suffix to any CSS class in Markup. This means that styles here will only be applied to current component regardless of the class names you use.

<style scoped>
.card {
  background: blue;

This will change the .card class in current component automatically to something like .card[x5u123sc5s1] and only apply the style to that class.

Learn more about Scoped styles in Vue

Enable Critical CSS

Gridsome Critical CSS plugin extracts CSS from components in selected view port size and adds the CSS inline to <head>.

Add a CSS framework


...plugin coming


...plugin coming


...plugin coming

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