Directory structure

A basic Gridsome project would be structured like this:

├── package.json
├── gridsome.config.js
├── gridsome.server.js
├── static/
└── src/
    ├── main.js
    ├── layouts/
    │   └── Default.vue
    ├── pages/
    │   ├── Index.vue
    │   └── Blog.vue
    └── templates/
        └── BlogPost.vue

The root directory


Contains information about which plugins is installed in your project.


This file contains configuration and options for installed plugins.

Read more about project config


This file is optional and is used to hook into various parts of the Gridsome server. The file must export a function which will have access to the API.

Read more about the Server API

The /src directory


Export a function in this file to get access to the Client API. This file is the place to install Vue plugins, register components and directives etc.

Read more about using the Client API in main.js

Layouts directory

Create components in this directory if you want to share one or more layouts for your pages or templates.

Read more about layouts

Pages directory

All components in this directory becomes the pages for your website. Each page will get its path based on the location of its .vue file. src/pages/Index.vue will become the homepage for your website, while src/pages/AboutUs.vue will be

Read more about pages

Templates directory

If you are importing an external data source, like posts from a WordPress blog, into your project. Then each post would look for a component in this directory for its template. The name of the component file must match the node type in your GraphQL schema.

Read more about templates


In Gridsome you can use the aliases ~ or @ to link to files inside /src folder. You can import for example a Vue component by using import Card from '~/components/Card'

The /static directory

Files in this directory will be copied directly to dist during build. For example /static/robots.txt will be located at


Shared or global components

Components that you want to use in several pages or templates can be in a src/components directory.

Data files

Data files like .json or .yaml that you want to import into your components, can be stored in a src/data directory.

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