Page transitions

Gridsome is currently mounting & unmounting the whole layout on route change. This happens because of how Gridsome deals with Layouts. Layouts are added as wrapper components per page and template to make it possible to use slots and props on the layout component.

This means that it is not possible to do enter/leave transitions for content while keeping header, but it is possible to use enter transitions.

Create an Enter transition

To make transitions work now you need to use only Enter transitions. You can do this by adding a appear attribute to <transition>.

Here is an example where we fade in content on route change in a layout:

  <div id="main-wrapper">
    <header />
      <transition name="fade" appear>
        <main> <!-- a wrapper for slot is needed -->
          <slot /> <!-- the content -->
    <footer />

.fade-enter-active {
  transition: opacity .5s;

.fade-enter {
  opacity: 0;

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