Gridsome has a global <g-link> component that can be used anywhere to link between pages without page reloads. It is a wrapper for router-link from Vue Router.

Learn about the Link API here.

To link to ~/src/pages/About.vue use <g-link to="/about" />.

To link to ~/src/pages/MyPage.vue use <g-link to="/my-page" />.

To link to external links you need to use the normal <a href="https://url"> tag.

To link to #anchor links you need to use the normal <a href="#anchor"> tag.

Active links gets a .active class. Exact links gets a .active--exact class. This can be changed with options.

Auto page prefetching

<g-link> uses Intersection Observer to prefetch linked pages when link is in view. This makes browsing around a Gridsome site very fast because the clicked page is already downloaded.

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