The GraphQL data layer

Import data

The GraphQL data layer is a tool available in development mode. This is where all of the data imported into a Gridsome project is temporarily stored. Think of it as a local database that helps you work faster and better with your data.

Data coming from the GraphQL data layer is generated into static content. There is no real-time connection between the data layer and the source the data is imported from. This means you need to re-generate the website to get the latest data updates.

If you need dynamic data you should use client-side data.

💡 Pages and Site metadata are added to the data layer by default.

Working with data

The GraphQL explorer

Every Gridsome project has a GraphQL explorer (Playground) that can be used to explore and test queries when in development mode. Here you also get a list of all available GraphQL collections. This can usually be opened by going to http://localhost:8080/___explore.


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