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Deploy Now is a hosting platform that allows you to deploy static sites and PHP apps directly via GitHub. As a tool built from developers for developers, Deploy Now automates build and deployment so you can focus entirely on your code. Your code is deployed to IONOS reliable shared hosting infrastructure in Europe and North America. The workflow automation is based on GitHub Actions and can be customized directly in your repository.

Deploy Now in a nutshell

Auto-build setup supportHTTP/2DDos Protection
Deployments via GitHub ActionsApacheGeo redundancy
Staging deploymentsSSL by defaultClimate-neutral hosting
Custom domainsWide variety of PHP versionsIPv6

Read more in the Deploy Now docs

Deploying your Gridsome Website to Deploy Now

Push your code to GitHub, sign in into your Deploy Now account, click on Add new project and select your repo. Deploy Now automatically detects all build settings for Gridsome. Once deployed, you will get a preview URL to see your Gridsome site live. You can connect external domains as well as domains purchased at IONOS with one click.

All subsequent Git pushes trigger re-deployments via GitHub Actions. Workflows can be further customized directly in your repository. Deploy Now automatically creates staging deployments from additional branches you can use to preview changes before merging them to main.

Missing a feature? Open a feature request for Deploy Now.

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